Cleaner Jobs Opening in Canada

An office cleaner dust, mops and takes out the trash, ensuring a building is well-kept. Office cleaners have significant obligations, as they are in charge of making a wonderful environment for workers and clients. They work in each kind of foundation, from medical offices to insurance agencies to general buildings.


Office cleaners wipe down appliances and furniture, as well as vacuum and shampoo carpet. They might clean everything from the company president’s desk to the employee microwave. Although their jobs are fairly basic, and usually considered entry-level, office cleaners have responsibilities that are important nonetheless.

They need to know how to use various equipment needed for cleaning, such as tools used to polish floors. They also must have a firm grasp of which types of cleaning chemicals are to be used for each job–and be sure not to mix ones that could be toxic.

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Office cleaners must be professional, organized and work quickly. They also need to be detailed, giving special attention to each task. Most have to spend entire workdays on their feet, so they also must possess the endurance needed for the job.

More than anything, office cleaners need a strong work ethic and a positive approach to their occupation, and work well alone, as well as with a member of a team. On top of those things, office cleaners have to be able to follow the instruction of a supervisor.


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